Where to Send Music Demos

Are you a musician, singer, or in a band? Are you anxious to get your music heard, but just don't know where to send music demos?

Thousands of musicians, bands, and singers want to get noticed... but getting noticed in the competitive music industry can be rather frustrating to say the least! Therefore, knowing where to send music demos is an absolute must!

Unfortunately, if you do a quick search online for "Where to send music demos," you'll find a few useless opinions and an endless list of dead ends!

However, the facts remain:

~ Record companies are always looking for talent and will accept your demos!

~ Producers are always looking for new unsigned artists!

~ No need to audition for American Idol to get discovered!

Given the facts, you probably want to know... where to send music demos!

Of course, sending music demos to major record labels would be the smartest choice. Some of the major music labels in the industry include Road Runner Records, Capitol Records, Elektra Records and Sanctuary. Road Runner Records currently has an arsenal of top bands under their management.

One question remains, "How do I go about sending music demos to any of these top record labels?"

Fortunately, I know of some excellent reviews that are available online for information on this very thing! So, if you want to know where to send music demos, listen up...

One resource I can show you teaches you how to submit your band or musician profile to over 300 music related websites, get insider band promotion secrets, tips, and techniques... and information on where to send music demos!

Another resource I can show you teaches you how to save months of valuable time by not having to track down websites on where to send music demos... In fact, this resource will introduce you to brand new websites you may have not even heard about!

And, one more resource worth mentioning is not so much about where to send music demos, but gives you an insight into how you can achieve your dreams of earning a comfortable living as a professional musician!

In this particular resource you can learn about making a promo kit, all about pictures, business cards, videos, stationery, finding work, planning a successful performance, and whole lot more!


If you're a musician, singer, or in a band, you would probably love to earn money for what you do... And, you can! You just need to know where to send music demos!


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